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Nicole Shanksnicole
Owner/ Instructor

I have been practicing yoga since my teens. I went back and forth with my dedication to yoga when I was young, but as I got older it became something I looked forward to every week and eventually every day. Then my interest kept growing as I went to workshops and met more teachers that inspired my practice.

After more than a decade in the yoga community I had met teachers of all kinds. Some experiences have been wonderful while others were questionable. As my practice grew stronger my interest in sharing yoga with the world grew as well. I started looking into schools and what it meant to teach yoga and live a yogic lifestyle. I decided on YogaSource out of St. Louis, MO and dove right in.

I am a 200 hour certified yoga alliance teacher and hoping in the near future to move forward with my 500 hour certification. I have currently been accepted at Kripalu yoga & health for their 500 hour teacher training program. This will take time to complete, but I am looking forward to starting this program and learning more. One thing I have learned is that in yoga you never stop learning because the body never stops changing, and every student’s body and mind are different. It is a wonderful opportunity to share yoga with the community and I look forward to the future.

Along my journey with yoga I have been a dancer. Looking for ways to move my body to keep it healthy and to keep my mind happy. Music and dance intertwined is an amazing moment. I have been a belly dancer for many years now and still love it like day one. I have also studied ballet, jazz, Latin, and hoop dance. I love offering classes that are fun and fat-burning. check out my Hoopfit classes if you are looking for something different and fun to add to your life.

Life is a gift, embrace the present, and dream big.


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