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lissaLissa Stallings-Boone
Owner/ Instructor/Coach

I know my yoga roots began at age 4 with training in classical ballet. Ballet and Yoga share a special likeness as Living-Arts. I continued dance training for 13 years. Moving from young adult to adulthood, I found the need to move my body and maintain my optimal level of health and wellness. I did this through differing forms of physical activity. I dedicated my life energy to helping others stay healthy, happy and well.

It was 1997 when I felt a strong tug to return, in some form, to my ballet/dance roots. I yearned for the fluidity of body and openness of heart I discovered through movement. I have always believed the human body to be an AMAZING work of art. Designed precisely to move and be moved; do and not do; suffer and heal; enjoy and be enjoyed; AND ALWAYS love and be loved. Every BODY is designed with powerful levers (joints)and pulleys (muscles) that must be moved or will become unusable. Each person is uniquely designed and has a individual vibration. So, YOGA was my answer to satisfy the extrinsic and intrinsic yearns and needs (that most people experience).

1998 unexpectedly found me learning under the graceful heart of Yogi, John Deminico. It was Yogi John who exemplified the shedding of ego…..MY EGO! He expressed yoga as a practice for EVERYONE and ALL-ONES. I shed my competitive soul and found an appreciation for what heart, mind, body and soul will allow me each day. My extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology and kinesiology coupled with a receiving heart, allow me to learn ʻanewʼ every moment I practice the living-art of yoga. I have practiced yoga in magnificent places around the world. A moment for yoga can happen any time, any place. Yoga is always available if one is willing.

My yearly vigil to restore and expand my yoga practice finds me under the tutelage of Gay White in beautiful Taos, New Mexico. This is a time of fine-tuning, exploration and growth. I never cease learning and sharing a deeper connection with the practice of yoga. This yearly immersion in yoga brings me great joy. This joy I pass on to every student that is curious enough to come to the mat. The one reward of yoga that never fails is JOY! PURE JOY!

May Kindness And Joy, Be Yours To Give And Receive, Abundantly.


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