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April Thriftapril

April was first introduced to yoga in 1991 through a unique blend of yoga, ballet, and tap dancing class. From that moment on, she would find herself coming to the mat off and on throughout the next 15 years.

In 2006, April recognized her need to have a more regular practice; however, it wasn’t until her battle with a debilitating sickness and cancer that yoga began to emerge into a beautiful relationship where she really began to learn who she was, connecting with her body on a deeper level, and finding a deeper sense of peace, understanding, and love. Yoga taught her to trust her body again, that slowing down helps to heal the body on more than just a physical level, to accept and release, and to greet life with a smile. Enjoying each moment, April loves the lessons that she learns on the mat and applying them to all areas of her life.

April pulls from her training in counseling (masters), coaching, and yoga to create a safe and nurturing environment for her students to come into their own unique relationship with yoga. Her classes have been described as ”therapy in motion” with many students enjoying the deeper benefits that they receive from their practice with April.

April offers private instructions in yoga asanas, pranayama, and meditation as well as private consulting and coaching sessions.

“Breathe in… Peace; Breathe out… Smile” -Thich Nhat Hanh

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