Class Descriptions

Chair Yoga

This is yoga poses practiced in a chair. Chair yoga is a great place for a more gentle yoga practice. You will learn balance, flexibility and strength using a chair for support. Use of the chair will allow those with health issues or injuries to create or maintain a regular practice of yoga. Open to all skill-levels.

For All

Come and get some yoga! Find the you that is healthy and happy. You will be guided through a balanced practice of meditation, breath work (pranayama), and poses (asana). The instructor will offer modifications to accommodate all skill levels. We suggest taking a yoga foundations class if you are a first-time yoga student. Open to all skill levels.


Welcome to the weekend. Now is the time to release and refresh. This class will be mix of asana (poses) practice and restorative yoga. Find harmony for your mind and body. This class is yummy! Open to all skill levels.

Introduction To Yoga

A series for the beginning yogi. See more on our New To Yoga page.


Blast off with this fun, fast-paced and powerful yoga class. This class is designed for students who want to challenge themselves physically and progress quickly in their practice. Expect to move swiftly, sweat, and do things you never thought possible! This class provides a space for yogis to build strength and confidence, while experimenting with advanced postures such as inversions and arm balances in a supportive and safe environment. As in any class, take breaks when needed. Students are always welcome to observe.


Ahhhh……a practice in dynamic-stillness. Release the busy-ness of the day. Relieve stress, alleviate anxiety and offer time to stay in the present moment sans judgement or critique. Listen as muscles lengthen, release, and soften. The mind becomes calm and focused. This class will leave you feeling open and refreshed. No yoga experience is necessary.

T’ai chi

This class is designed to guide you to experience your body as an object in space connected to the ground. This will all be done through gentle, repetitive movements, while working with a slow relaxed breath. You connect your mind, your body and experience of being. This work is not limited by age or ability, and can be applied to everything you do.

Yin Yoga

Slow yoga stretches interspersed with breathing exercises and light meditation.

Yoga at Lunch

Yoga for lunch. Yoga At Lunch is your place to nourish the mind and body. This class will stretch out any stress or tension and bring the mind to a restful place to help find your focus. See you for Yoga At Lunch!  Open to all skill levels.

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