The Personal Practice Year

The Personal Practice Year is here! Deepen your knowledge and practice of yoga on a physical, energetic, mental, and spiritual level by spending 2017 in Enhanced Studies. You will discover individual/one-on-one instruction of yoga theory and practical application in each class.

This year-long program consists of five sessions of 7-8 week classes that will build your understanding of yoga from the ground up. Each session contains a Personal Practice Class (PPC) and a Special Studies Class (SSC).

Explore the full schedule and all the details on our Enhanced Studies Page.



Welcome Home!

Surya Rakta (sir-ah rock-ta) Wellness is the sanctuary of Real Yoga for Real People. This is a family of yogis and yoginis coming together to practice in a safe, accessible, calm, peaceful and non-competitive space.

This community is open to everyone regardless of differences and similarities. We offer a variety of yoga including chair yoga, children’s yoga, yoga For All and a Foundations class. You will find all forms of yoga and the yoga that speaks to you and your whole-self.

Our hope is that you enter with an open heart, a willingness to expand mind and body and the curiosity to find your unique capabilities. Please come create a wholeness of mind, balance of body and soul full of well being.

Kindness and Joy are yours to Give and Receive, ABUNDANTLY. Namasté.


Beer Mudras

Beer Mudras are going strong! These events combine the real yoga for real people that you love from Surya Rakta Wellness with great craft brews from local breweries.

Check out the Beer Mudras website for details about the next event - and let us know if you have a connection with someone who may want to host a beer and yoga session at their space!


Private Instruction

  • Yoga - Individual & Group
  • T’ai chi
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Wellness coaching
  • Specialized Personal Training
  • Health/Fitness Assessment

Contact us today for private instruction pricing.


A Visitor's Perspective

"Low but illuminating light is cast from the four corners of the room. Deep olive green walls give the oblong room a welcome and calming feel and the hints of various colors spot the room. The soft and lilting piano music echoes throughout the open space. Lissa’s calm, even tone gives simple instructions that are followed with quiet obedience. There is no arguing here, no anger, no hate or pain. It is a sanctuary, it is peace. A warmth envelopes the room but it is not from the heater. Two fans turn silently overhead, moving the lovely scent of the incense throughout the space."

Sarah Lowrance
writer and visitor to Surya Rakta Wellness

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